We are a Non Profit organization. We stand for the promotion and advancement of Journals Publishers having a presence in India as well as to protect the common interest of members and professionals engaged in Global Publishing.

Conference on 30-31 March 2018

Journal Association of India acts on specific issues with the objective of expanding the market for Publishers who publish Journals /content in the following areas:

  • Academic and Professional
  • Children’s
  • Educational
  • Scholarly and Reference
  • Trade
  • Vocational

We are engaged in market research & compiling Journals statistics. We run a number  of events and seminars for journals welfare under South Asia Management Association. We act against piracy and protect IPR related matters.
Our Vision is to provide a forum for Journals Publishers where they can exchange ideas, network and address concerns pertaining to the industry, enabling Indian publishing to achieve world-class standards.
Our mission is to be a benefactor for publishers in India and represent their views to stakeholders, government and the society at large on an ongoing basis, thereby ensuring that we add value to the industry.