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About us

We are a Non Profit organization. We stand for the promotion and advancement of Journals Publishers having a presence in India as well as to protect the common interest of members and professionals engaged in Global Publishing.

Journal Association of India acts on specific issues with the objective of expanding the market for Publishers who publish Journals /content in the following areas:

  • Academic and Professional
  • Children’s
  • Educational
  • Scholarly and Reference
  • Trade
  • Vocational

We are engaged in market research & compiling Journals statistics. We run a numberĀ  of events and seminars for journals welfare under South Asia Management Association. We act against piracy and protect IPR related matters.


Our Vision is to provide a forum for Journals Publishers where they can exchange ideas, network and address concerns pertaining to the industry, enabling Indian publishing to achieve world-class standards.


Our mission is to be a benefactor for publishers in India and represent their views to stakeholders, government and the society at large on an ongoing basis, thereby ensuring that we add value to the industry.