Members Benefits

JAI members receive a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Representation: Through advocacy efforts of JAI staff and member committees, we represent the industry before legal and legislative policymakers on issues critical to the well-being of publishing.
  • Visibility: We offer members ongoing opportunities to present their concerns and perspectives through committee work, special events, and professional forums.
  • Industry Intelligence: Members have access to comprehensive, up-to-date information on relevant matters, including timely digests, white papers, issue summaries, and legislative updates.
  • Market Intelligence: Members receive JAI statistical reports on market trends and sales revenues for each industry sector, including reports on export sales.
  • Networking: JAI brings members together through conferences and networking events, committee work, community service projects, and collaboration on key initiatives. Members also have access to a comprehensive member directory and can post and explore job listings in our online Job Center.
  • Professional Development: You or your staff can participate in a broad range of conferences, master classes, brown bag lunches, seminars, and webinars with industry experts to keep you current on every aspect of publishing.
  • Discounts: Member organizations receive discounts on many conferences, seminars, special events, and other JAI-sponsored programs, as well as discounted access to the Copyright Infringement Portal to monitor online infringements of titles.

To explore our programs, initiatives, and other activities specific to each publishing sector, please visit  , Higher Education, Trade, and Professional and Scholarly Publishing.