The Journals Association of India (JAI) is the country’s  association for the consumer, educational, professional, and scholarly publishing industry. As the voice of American publishing, we represent American publishing priorities worldwide, disseminate critical information on relevant issues, and advance the role of publishing in contemporary society.

To better serve our diverse membership, JAI is divided into four dedicated divisions— Edwin Group of Journals, Higher Education, Trade, and Professional and Scholarly Publishing. Each division designs and presents topical programs, outreach initiatives, professional development opportunities, and special events aligned to the particular concerns and operating models of their respective sector.

AI membership is open to :

  • Any Indian (Journals ) publisher that has been doing business in the India/Other Countries for at least a year.
  • Professional and scholarly associations and societies that publish books or journals.
  • University Presses.
  • Nonprofit publishers and other nonprofits that produce publications.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and other non-publishers directly involved in the publishing industry.